Community Enagagement Events & Conferences

Celebrate and extend the event experinence, connections, and impact

InnerView Engagement Programs capture the spirit of events and create experiences to extend and deepen relationships with volunteers

Community Engagement Events
Seeking more interactions with volunteers?
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Awareness & Enagement Events

InnerView Community Engagement Packages are designed to capture the spirit of your event, celebrate progress, and thank participants for their effort. Choose from casual texting entries to certified event participation at conferences and chapter programs.

  • Amplify impact with visual assets across channels: monitors, websites & newsletters
  • Intuitive texting socializes the cause with meaningful interactions
  • Promote your event to the compassionate InnerView community
  • Proven turnkey digital package to integrate your messages in 3 simple steps
  • Establish external evidence of effort toward the UN Global Goals
  • Certify participation and service hours for volunteer service resume
  • Access best practices & InnerView activation support

UN Global Goals

Community service is an actionable path to
transform our communities and our world
Sustainable Development Goals

Simple Interactions. Significant Experience.

Integrated Environmental Triggers
Integrate Environmental Triggers
Monitors, announcements, props and direct appreciation of support; this turnkey package delivers results.
Celebrate Impact
Extend the Experience & Celebrate Impact
The InnerView event engagement package integrates volunteer mobile experience during the event, communicating collective impact, and appreciation.
Capture Spirit
Capture the Spirit of Your Cause
Share the impact with volunteers, funders and future participants. Access a dynamic pipeline of content for monitors, newsletters and social media to highlight impact across the community.
Credential Support and Commitment
Volunteer participation is automatically added to a student's personal service resume. Hours and activity helps students qualify for service programs and awards.

Purposeful programs making a difference

DMUM VictorThon
Students at the University of Michigan stand for 24 hours straight to raise money and awareness for pediatric rehabilitation programs at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI. By staying awake and on their feet, they gain insight into the challenges and frustration that the children they support overcome every day. DMUM earned the Sapphire Award for their collective impact in 2017-18.
iHelp at University of Illinois
iHelp | Day of Service
Each September, students at the University of Illinois kick off the school year by volunteering in the community. SAA organizes 70+ service projects for 1,000+ students.
Night for the Fight
Night for the Fight
Together, more than 1,300 students from 40 Cincinnati-area high schools raised $245,000+ to support the fight to knockout childhood cancer. Their fundraising efforts culminated in a 12-hour, overnight event.

Service Tiers and Pricing

event texting program
conference / leadership event
Package range
$250 - $500 - $1,500
Pricing begins at $1,000
  • Texting or mobile event volunteer interactions
  • Promote event across InnerView community
  • 3-touchpoint message series to volunteers
  • Volunteer event stickers
  • Certify participation on student service resume
  • Promote event across InnerView community
  • Check in messages to registrants
  • Real time counts of mobile activation
  • Event and group summary
  • Summary info of check-ins by student & group
  • Collective update to students
  • Digital annoucements, prop guidance
  • Volunteer interaction summary
  • Comparative view
  • Profile summary of participants at event & EOY
  • Photo feed at event and for 1 year following
  • Impact graphics for indviduals, groups and event
  • Photo feed at event and for 1 year following
  • Impact graphics for indviduals, groups and event
  • 3 Step set-up & launch program
  • Virtual support from InnerView Specialist
  • 3 Step set-up & launch program
  • Virtual support from InnerView Specialist