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7/10/19 - 9/30/19
FamilyMeans Caregiving & Aging Services - Children's Respite
1875 Northwestern Ave, Stillwater, MN 55082, USA
651789-4055 [email protected]
  • Are you age 16 or older or if you are under age 16 will an adult volunteer with you. Volunteers are needed throughout Washington County such as Cottage Grove, Oakdale, Woodbury and Stillwater to spend time with a child who has a disability. The volunteer would not be providing any medical or personal cares and would there to provide companionship and supervision. This would allow their caregiver to get a break. Various hours are open such as day, evening and weekend hours. We ask that a volunteer be available for 12 weeks.
  • Transportation Details & Disability Access
    The volunteer will need transportation to get to the child's home.

  • Training Required
    Attend a 90-minute orientation/training. If the volunteer is under age 16 they will need an adult to volunteer with them.

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